The Boy "OSCAR"


Grd Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Koendidda Manhatten Jazz       Born 10th April 2002, HC & L2-HGA clear, PHPV unaffected

Oscar has been a once in a lifetime dog and we are very proud to have bred him and achieved all that he has achieved over his lifetime.
Oscar was a great pleasure to show and once over 18 months old made sure everyone knew he was around.
At home however he's happy to play with all our girls, puppies and lounge around stafford style.

Not only has he an envious show record he also is the sire of 21 Show Champions and a few smart progeny with performance titles in agility, weightpull, obedience and tracking.

Oscars succesful progeny include:

Ch Warbydog Hell On Paws  
Supreme Ch Neworder Bombe Alaska Ch Koendidda Cymreig Sipsi
Ch Boldhart Jake Me Mate Ch Highbourne Nine Carat
Ch Jagarra Cool McCool Ch Jagarra Spitting Image
Ch Jagarra Class Of Clowns Ch Lapwing Raunchy Rita
Ch Linwest Thunderbird Ch Linwest Midnight Angel
Ch Toptaurus Johnnywhitecloud Ch & HK Ch Toptaurus White Rain
Ch Cairford Tell No Lies Ch & HK Ch Toptaurus Touchtheclouds
Supreme Ch Stevris Eat Your Heart Out Ch Prattstaff Caramel Crown
Ch Niaelaba Um Rendock Rum Swedish Ch Lushus Blondie of Sweden
Javawolf Mighty Mouse JW AW (s) Ch Linwest Puss In Boots TD, ET
Irish Ch Sunnystone Wizard Of Oz  Gunscrossed Foxey Lady 

A few critiques from Oscars show career. Oscar retired from the show ring at age nine, however made one further appreance in 2010 and won DCC, BOB & RUBIG under breed specalist Sharon Bover to allow sufficient points to be awarded the title of Supreme Champion.

2009 - 2011 Back in Australia

2011 SBTCV - Lesley McFayden - Araidh
3rd Open Dog (18,1)
3rd Koendidda Knls’ UK & GR CH KOENDIDDA UMRUM I was thrilled to bits to see this chap; even at his age and having lost some of the strength of head that he had, his body maintained its quality and it has to be said was still one of the best moving dogs on the day.  Thank you so much for bringing him along

2010 SBTC SA - Andy Dodsworth
2nd Koendidda Kennels Eng Ch Gr Ch Koendidda Umrum. Another dog oozing quality and type, this white dog also had a good head with plenty of depth, neat ears, eyes as black as coal. With good cheek muscles, square front up on his pasterns, short strong neck going into correct lay of shoulders. Movement was free flowing and kept his top line on the move, hard to pick between this dog and first, a pleasure to go over them both. R.C.C.

2010 SBTC SA - Carol Smith - Nucklnoz
RDCC, Runner Up in Show
2nd ENG CH,GR CH KOENDIDDA UMRUM. Koendidda Kennels. White 8 ½ year old dog that would put many younger ones to shame. Again good breed type, strong head, dark eyes, rose ears. Well bodied, level topline and strong hindquarters. Moved and handled well. Again well deserved Reserve CC and Runner Up In Show.

2009 SBTCNNSW - Frans Croetzer - Zeracious
RDCC, Opposite Open in Show
Eng Ch Gr Ch Koendidda Umrum Dog RCC. White with black ticking. Excellent head shape, strong developed cheek muscles and dome. Clean in muzzle, black nose and dark eye with black pigment on eye-lids, small rose ears well placed to complete his keen expression. Stood square, upstanding and confident. Front strong in bone with tight feet and toes - dark nails. Short in coupling, moved with comfort, parallel and drive. At 7 years, still a strong contender. Lost out to CC dog on expression, my RCC dog.

2009 ACT & District SBTC Show - Jodie Sing - Cherabah
RDCC , Runner up in Show
Eng & Aust Gr Ch Koendidda Umrum. White. What can I say about this dog that hasn’t been said already? Just pipped at the post by youth today, however another beautiful stafford. Presented for age in fit condition, good muscle definition. This dog let me know he was there too. Beautiful head shape, deep square muzzle, correct scissor bite, dark eyes, ears rose, strong neck correct length into tidy front, correct amount of bone, balanced. Level topline, fit hindquarters moved with purpose handled well.

2007 - 2008 The English Campaign                      ***Many thanks to Jackie for handling oscar***
Southern Counties - Nancie Booth - Ramblestaff
DCC, Runner up in Show, Final CC required to be awarded the title of English Champion
Aus Gr Ch Koendidda Umrum. White. This dogs presence was made known the second he walked in the ring, he was taking no nonsense from anyone and made that very clear to all and sundry. With a captivating expression, large round skull and short broad muzzle, correct bite, dark round eye, good stop, deep through and the neatest of ears. Short, strong neck leading to an excellent front with bone all through. Well placed shoulders, deep brsiket, superb backend. He moved with drive, muscles rippling on a dense coat in super condition a credit to his owner. His handler played a major part in the dogs win as she got the absoloute best out of him and gave me no doubts in awarding him his 3rd CC. RBIS. Hold your head up Oscar you are going home a worthy Champion!!

Belfast - John Bird
Aus Gr Ch Koendidda Umrum, the virtues of this white are there for all to see, his conditioning & the way he shows himself off are superb, he exudes power & strength with a strong front, good rib & a strong backend, very close decision with 1. RCC

East of England - Anne Goddard - Tophouse
DCC, BOB, 4th in terrier group
Aust Gr Ch Koendida Umrum. Wh. Excellent head & expression. Dark eye, Broad skull,deep through. Well pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop, strength in muzzle.Clean straight front. Close coupled body with depth in brisket and well sprung ribs. Muscular hindquarters. In fit hard condition overall. Moved freely with power and drive. Shown and handled well. CC. BoB. Delighted he was awarded Gr 4 where he proved an excellent ambassador for the breed

National Terrier Show - Lesley McFayden - Araidh
Dog CC – AUST GR CH KOENDIDDA UMRUM  Best of Breed. In the Best in Show ring he gave a faultless performance. Getting the loudest roar from the spectators, he made it through to the last nine to be considered and represented our wonderful breed with aplomb. 1st De Coverley’s AUST GR CH KOENDIDDA UMRUM    When I saw the dog up close and noted the condition of him I said a little prayer of thanks!  I have judged him previously across the other side of the world and on that day awarded him CC and BOB – he was in stunning condition.  Having seen him from ringside here over the last year I have never seen that condition replicated until recently and what a difference it makes!  Handled to perfection, a difficult job at the best of times with a male Stafford in his prime, but especially with a dog so ‘up for it’, he could be criticised for maybe needing a slightly better bend of stifle but his movement is true and he powered across the ring.  He has a strong, deep chiselled head with fabulous pigmentation, staring right at you with the blackest of eyes and a superb texture to his stunning white coat. True fronted, he presents a lovely picture, perfect drop of brisket and strong neck that flows into correctly placed shoulders. He has everything I was looking for in a dog, including the fire and enthusiasm, so very happy to award him the CC and with my co-judge’s agreement Best of Breed.

Downlands - Audery Hubery- Nozac
Aus. Gr. Ch. Koendida Umrum A Strong headed White male. Of superb Pigmentation.The Darkest eyes and the blackest nose. Very keen expression. Clean in lip . although good bite. Teeth needed a bit of a clean. But I forgive this. . For his overall balance .Plenty of rib. Defining to a good tuck up.Well muscled up .Strong in hindquarters. Well let down in hock. Moved with purpose. Very well handled. I have seen this dog from out side the ring. And quite admired him. But he was always carrying Too much weight for me. What ever the owner has done to get him looking like this. It surely worked . Well done. A dog that is at his best now .he was my R.C.C.

SBTCV Open Show - Tony Trimble - Stoneheart
DCC, Runner up in Show to Oscars daughter Ch Lapwing Rauchy Rita

SBTC NNSW  - Bill Blacker - Valago
DCC, Final points gained to be awarded Grand Champion title
CH KOENDIDDA UMRUM. An excellent white dog with dark pigmentation. He has a well defined head shape of width and depth, correct bite with big K9s, neat rose ears and dark eye which gave a super  expression. He has a good front with tight feet, correct shoulder placement, correct depth in brisket and a good spring of rib. He has a  level topline, is short coupled and is well tucked up. He moved and was handled well, shown in super, fit condition and throughly deserved the CC not being over done in any way. I also loved this dogs attitude. I would have preferred more bend of stifle which when asked, I told his owner. This dogs fits the standard and is a credit to his owners. Well done.

SBTC NNSW  - Martin Grimwood -
DCC, Runner up in Show
Koendidda Umrum. A excellent white who would hold his own in any company. Standard says smooth coated well balanced of great strength for his size, muscular active and agile and he fits this to a tee. His temperament appears to be bold and fearless and the rest just follows on in the same manner without exaggeration. Head has width and depth. Typical expression provided by neat ears well used, dark round eyes, strong jaws and muzzle with tight clean lips covering impressive bite. Crested neck flows smoothly into withers and topline. Strong straight well angled forequarters. Brisket to elbow, well sprung ribs carried well back, body showing good definition with tuck up and waist. Well muscled hindquarters with good angulation gets his feet in a position to provide strong columns of support. Moves as well as he looks with the required economy of effort. His fitness and condition are an absolute credit to the breed. He was my best dog of the day.

SBTC NSW  - Brian Owen - Brystaff
What can one say? He shown his socks of quality throughout balance, type, expression fitness. He had a cracking head shape with neat small rose ears, the darkest of eyes on his toes throughout. Lovely body shape with well sprung ribs and ample bend of stifle, with movement to match. My CC and Best of Breed.

ACT & District SBTC Show - BA Beaufoy - Wyrefare
RDCC, Best parent and Offspring
CH. KOENDIDDA UMRUM. (Grand Ch Highbourne Luskin Star x Ch Koendidda Manhatten Jazz) Top class white dog. Excellent head shape with correct eye placement. Good pigmentation. Good reach of neck blending into correct shoulder placement and smooth entry into level topline. Good tuck up and well muscled. Shown in first class condition and handled to perfection. Well deserved Reserve Dog in Show on the day.

All Breeds Shows - Wangaratta & Kilmore

SBTC WA Show - Colin Powell - Bowtmans

Ch. Koendidda Umrum (W). Owned and bred by Koendidda Kennels. One hell of a package in this dog, short and compact with balance, great angles from any view, strong head, good ears, darkest of eyes, powerful jaw with correct bite, shoulders good leading into straight front and well padded feet, ample rib, short coupled, strong thighs, kept a level top-line on the move covering the ground with ease, the quality of this dog stood out on the day and it was a pleasure to award him CC and B.O.B.

ACT & District SBTC Show - Dr Sarah Hemstock - Jolihem

Ch Koendidda Umrum. Outstanding white in hard fettle, on his toes throughout. Teaming with quality all round, very standard – strong, compact & balanced with correct blend of Bull & Terrier. Reminded me very much of my old boy Jolihem The Lad Himself. Superior head and skull. A joy to go over as he has first rate lines - short muscular neck leading to strong, well laid shoulders. Forelegs perfectly straight with no weakness at the pasterns, and no looseness at the elbow. Muscular and well defined body, well-knit & square with level topline – standing & on the move – plenty of brisket, well sprung ribs. First class hindquarters & correct pump handle tail. Very sound movement - free, powerful and agile with economy of effort, legs parallel when viewed from front or rear. Handled well to Dog CC & BIS.

SBTC NNSW - Jenny Smith - Willowsmith

CH KOENDIDDA UMRUM – White – A standard, dog of the highest quality who was in superb condition and a credit to his owners.  Excellent head properties of correct ratio, and without exaggerations. Good overall balance, clean enough shoulder line, correct front and rear angulation with excellent muscle definition.  A dog that oozed Stafford character and strode around the ring as if he owned it! Slightly less lift and a fraction stronger than I would normally go for, but his overall quality and superb movement was not to be denied. A pleasure to award CC & Best in Show. Congratulations.

SBTC NNSW  - Mick Smith - Willowsmith

CH KOENDIDDA UMRUM – White. Super headed dog with excellent expression. Good ear carriage and underjaw and correct  dentition. A short-coupled, well bodied dog with a true front and superb front and rear angulation, which was borne out in his exemplary movement.  A dog who cannot be denied and although my personal preference is a somewhat lighter animal, on the day his conformation, movement and ring presence demanded top honours. Challenge Certificate and Best in Show – well done and congratulations.

ACT & District SBTC Show - Lesley McFayden - Araidh

KOENDIDDA UMRUM CHALLENGE DOG, INTERMEDIATE IN SHOW & BEST IN SHOW. A stunning white dog of excellent balance, so shapely and strong with a perfectly defined head, showing superb pigmentation. He has coal black eyes and nose, beautifully neat ear carriage and width and depth to both his skull and muzzle.  To be super critical his feet could be tighter and he could have slightly more angulation to his back end but his body is honed to perfection, a gun barrel front with heartroom and rib development in abundance. When he moved around the ring he did so with power and precision. In the challenge for Best Dog and again for Best in Show he rose to the occasion – up on his toes, demanding attention. How could I deny him?  Thank you for the privilege of meeting such a grand dog! 

SBTCV Show - Barbera Marsh - Neworder
DCC, Runner up in Show

KOENDIDA UMRUM. A stunning white handsome dog. This dog is so well put together. Head proportions spot on. Dark eyes, neat ears. Body shape and topline gave the look of an agile ready to go Stafford and he proved it when he moved. Challenge Dog - My Challenge went to the Aust. Bred Dog Koendidda Umrum. He came into the ring as though he owned it and proved too strong for his father Gr. Ch Highbourne Luskin Star who had to settle for my Reserve Challenge.

SBTCV Open Show - Brett Hart - Wardrum


ACT & District SBTC Show - Juanita Hobbs - Crossbow
RDCC, Intermediate in Show

KOENDIDDA UMRUM - Intermediate In Show & Reserve Challenge Dog. A simply gorgeous dog. Beat the 2nd place dog on eye colour, overall squareness of the head and thinness of the ears. One of the best movers of the day with a perfect topline. Presented in superb condition and handled to perfection. Only just lost out on the Challenge due to strength of rear musculation and depth of underjaw.

SBTCV Show - Allan Mitchell - Hoplite
Intermediate in Show

Koendidda Umrum. Mainly white. Skull & muzzle perfect. Mainly black eye rims. Eyes as darks as they come. Front excellent, body to match, brisket & spring of ribs in proportion. Short coupled - ample power behind. Feet acceptable - a small minus in a really good dog.

SBTC SA - Lorainne Williams - Jodels
RDCC, Opposite Intermediate in Show
Koendidda Umrum white with well shaped head and a short muzzle, dark round eyes, neat ears, and good length of neck and lay of shoulder. His front was wide and brisket deep, strong rib short-coupled adequate bend of stifle finished of with a neat whiptail. He moved with drive and purpose but he lost interest in the final line up so had to settle for RCC

SBTCV - Carol Smith - Nucklnoz
Puppy in Show

KOENDIDDA UMRUM. White who caught my eye as soon as he stepped into the ring.  Good head with correct ratio of foreface to skull with good expression and dark eye.  Good bone, straight front, level topline, well bodied, good turn of stifle, moved well.


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